Freelance Middle .NET Engineer (#14027517)

Work type:
Flexible (Office/Remote)
Technical Level:
Job Category:
Software Development
Nexford University
N-iX provides services to the client in the areas of software development, software quality control and quality assurance, technical support, and consultancy professional services to the client’s end customers.

Our Client is a next-generation, online university that offers a range of intermediate and advanced certificates, and the following degrees: MBA, BBA, AAS. Includes a platform for training materials management and a system where users are able to purchase courses and training materials. An American university licensed in Washington DC offering next-generation learning experiences 100% online.  Aim is to positively impact the lives of millions around the world.
The traditional university experience hasn’t changed in 100 years. Believe the world needs a new approach to higher education. Analyzed over 30 million job vacancies to bridge the gap between learners and employers. And that is just the start.

  • integration with a third-party system, which allows handling internal faculty processes: helping students in the learning process, make assessments, etc.
  • 2+ years of experience with .Net Core
  • experience in work with Azure projects
  • working experience with Azure functions
  • working experience with Serverless microservices projects
  • working experience with Service Bus
  • knowledge of Azure
  • knowledge of Git
  • working experience with Azure DevOps