Freelance UX Designer (#13288976)

Work type:
Flexible (Office/Remote)
Technical Level:
Job Category:
Professional Services
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The project is to develop a mobile application for internal corporate use. The customer already has a desktop-oriented browser-based solution, but they need a simplified interface for mobile phones. The customer is based in Qatar.
The role of the UX designer would be to talk to the customer on behalf of N-iX, collect requirements on the user interface, and present wireframes for further implementation by our developers.
  • Research and analysis, design, augmentation, and execution/monitoring of ideas and concepts to ensure that these are successful
  • Propose ideas for best user experience
  • Design wireframes based on the research and analysis results
  • Facilitate strategic, customer-centric decision-making
Required Experience and Knowledge:
  • 2+ years designing user interfaces for web, desktop, and mobile applications
  • Experience with collecting customer requirements and designing visual wireframes
  • Knowledge of common design patterns and best practices for mobile and web applications
  • Fluent English skills