One of the largest British Currency management organization, their clients are large institutions, including pension funds, charities, foundations, endowments, and family offices, as well as corporate clients.

The current application is built as a set of:
Windows Forms applications – for user interactions
Windows services – for integrations with other systems.
Windows forms
SSRS for reporting

Technical goals for the Phase 1:
-API-First approach – to build a new application based on API, where UI is a separate module or even application.
-Extract modular components – better-organized dependencies, reusability, observability.
-Preferable stateless components – components must be ready for scaling if required
Event-based communication – decoupling, scalability, resilience
-Migration to the Azure cloud
-.NET-based solution – current Client’s team is familiar with Net stack and Microsoft technology stack.
-React/Angular stack.

Managed Team contract with back-end, UX designer, BA and QA in one team, managed by N-iX management.
Long-lasting cooperation after Phase 1 (up to 12 months).