A push in the right direction: 3 ways company mentorship can advance your career

These days, learning something new isn’t a problem as there are multiple ways for self-education. But how to сhoose the most effective one? What to do when you feel stuck? At this point, you may need somebody to guide you in the right direction. You need a mentor.  

At N-iX, we believe mentorship is a powerful tool to help people grow. Like many companies, we have mentorship within a project when more experienced professionals coach and mentor less experienced ones. Still, there are many cases when the person’s needs and interests go beyond the collective expertise available on your project.

For this purpose, we have launched a personalized cross-company mentorship to help anyone in the company address their biggest challenges and benefit from working in a large company with over 900 specialists.

Mentorship help your career

Piloted several months ago, with over a dozen alumni, mentorship addresses the key milestones in anyone’s career when help is most needed:

1. Your project requires you to learn too many things too quickly.

For instance, you are a senior Java engineer, but your project requires expertise in Big Data. Even though you can learn it by yourself, strong guidance and support will speed things up. In this case, a mentor could be a great help in passing their knowledge and experience, pointing you in the right direction, and answering all your questions in detail.

“My mentor had a lot of expertise in SAP Hybris while I was only starting to learn e-commerce. In less than two months, I got a better understanding of the framework and the fundamentals of SAP Hybris. My mentorship program has finished but I still have a person to ask the questions I need. ”

Katya, Senior Technical Consultant at N-iX

2. You want to acquire additional competence as your personal competitive advantage.

You can be a middle mobile developer passionate about Data Science. You may take online courses, read a lot of books, and continuously learn more about this field. Still, the personal guidance of a mentor can help you accelerate the learning process and give you practical instructions on where to move.

Mentorship help your career

“I am an Android developer studying a Masters in Data Science at UCU and planning to switch to Data Science. My mentor always helps with useful advice based on his own experience or with a link to the source where I can find the necessary information.”

Oleh, Middle Android Engineer at N-iX

3. You are thinking about switching your career path.

In a rapidly changing tech world, people often feel the need to change things up. Switching from backend to frontend or from support to DevOps requires much time and effort. But again, a good mentor can help you shorten the learning curve.

“For me, N-iX mentorship program is a well-organized process that allows making a huge step in self-development. The individual learning plan developed with my mentor helped me set up my goals and directions as well as systemize the learning process. As a result, I switched my career from a manual QA to an automation QA engineer.”

Myroslava, Test Engineer at N-iX   

After all, it does not matter whether you are a junior, middle or senior specialist. Mentorship is for everyone. And it may be your helping hand whenever you need to advance your career and sharpen your skills.

We are committed to developing and further investing in the program. To join, N-iXers just have to contact their HRBP. If you are considering N-iX as a prospective employer, apply to one of our open positions and our talent acquisition experts will help you discover how our mentorship can benefit you personally.