Grow your career with a growing company by your side

Personalized Career Growth Path

You’ve got the talent, and we’ve got the opportunities for you. Take advantage of a flexible and personalized approach to your career growth at N-iX!


Define your career goals and opportunities

Competence Model
HR Business Partner
Traineeship Program
Personal Development Plan

Get an objective picture of your professional level at each step

Regular Performance appraisals
360-degree feedback
Tech evaluations
Knowledge gap analysis

Level up, gain a competitive advantage or change your career

Personalized mentorship
Certification reimbursement
Architecture University
Internal job opportunities

Share your knowledge and expertise

N-iX tech talks and external conferences
Become a mentor
Join N-iX expert network
Take part in R&D, tech evaluations, Product Discovery

Learn what you want and gain a competitive advantage

A personalized N-iX mentorship program can help you develop new skills or even change your career path. You can use it to learn anything you want, even if it is not directly related to your current project. N-iXers are always happy to share the experience.


My mentor helped me organize my work and asked all the right questions like. Volodymyr was my personal technical consultant. He helped me figure out a number of general approaches regarding routing and state management in React and consulted me on some packages for back-end service.
Mykhailo, Middle Front-end Developer who launched his own app with the mentor’s help

Make a successful career change

In a rapidly changing tech world, we often feel the need to change things up. Switching from backend to frontend or from support to DevOps requires much time and effort. A good mentor and a company that supports you in your decision can help you achieve your goals.

I worked as a test engineer and I got an opportunity to try the role of a project manager. I was excited to take up this challenge, but I had many doubts. I understood that I needed an experienced person to advise me and support me in this transition. My mentor, Olena, guided me towards my goal.
Anna Oksiuk with her mentor Olena Grygorchuk


Work on a project that makes a difference

Only when you work on something meaningful, you can feel truly fulfilled.At N-iX, we choose projects very carefully to make sure they allow us all both to grow and make a positive impact. We work with large tech firms, global enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies that bring massive changes to the world.

One of the solutions our team is working on uses terabytes of satellite data to make recommendations and predictions helping farmers to produce better yields across the globe.
Ivanna Bashmat,
Software Engineer at N-iX


Be free to innovate

You can enjoy the spirit of freedom and proactivity at N-iX thanks to our special entrepreneurial company culture. Everyone at N-iX is encouraged to push forward their ideas and drive the initiatives they are passionate about.

One of N-iX’s values is the freedom to innovate. The company welcomes initiative and encourages you to drive new ideas.
Yuriy Voloshynskyi,
VP Delivery


Share your knowledge at N-iX tech meetups

N-iX Meetups are free educational events where N-iX experts share their knowledge and best practices. The topics are different – from .NET and Data Science to project management and productivity hacks, so you can always learn something new. As a speaker, you can share your experience, practice your public speaking skills, and extend your professional network.

Since 2018, N-iX has hosted multiple internal and external tech talks and meetups, ranging in formats, agendas, topics, and speakers. They are a great chance to boost your hard and soft skills, share your experience, and grow your professional network.
Maria Havrylyshyn,
Event Management Lead


Clear career roadmap

You should always be in charge of your own career. You can advance to the next level at the pace that is right for you. While we will support you with clear criteria for your career growth, tested tools and practices for professional development, and a personalized approach.


English level: Intermediate+
Experience: 0,5+ years


English level: Intermediate strong+
Experience: 3+ years


English level: Upper-intermediate+
Experience: 4+ years


English level: Upper-intermediate+
Experience: 5+ years