Growth Toolkit for Senior Developers at N-iX

When you are a junior software engineer, there is a long way of learning and development ahead. However, when you reach a senior level, you often find yourself at crossroads. You mostly have two options – to continue your engineering path or move into management. At this stage, the companies often demand a lot from engineers to let them move up. However, not all companies give the tools and opportunities to develop the necessary skills.

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At N-iX, we don’t want anyone to feel stuck. Whether you want to move vertically, horizontally, or feel great where you are – we have opportunities for everyone. 

Competence model – know your strengths

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Very often, senior professionals underestimate themselves. So it’s great to have a  map of your skills to see where to go next.

From JavaScript and Python to DevOps and Big Data, N-iX has competence models for every professional in the company. You can always request a tech evaluation to assess your professional level, receive constructive feedback, and see what can be improved. Once you develop the skills required for the next level, you get promoted.

Competence models are regularly updated by your colleagues, our most proficient experts that follow industry trends. Thus, when you meet a senior developer or a tech lead in the company, you know what knowledge and skills this person has. 

Architecture Associates Program – become a software architect

If you want to reach a new level of engineering excellence and become a software architect, there is a list of skills you have to develop. To make this goal achievable, N-iX Software Development Office launched an Architecture Associates Program. 

The program helps senior engineers and tech leads make the transition to architects. It allows them to master their skills in consulting, pre-sales, and high-level architecture. Seniors have a chance to receive advanced training, do practical pre-sales activities, present their projects, and be promoted to architects.

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Mentorship program – share your experience and improve your soft skills

If you are a senior developer, you must have had a mentor – formal or not – at some point in your career. And you must be aware of the benefits mentoring brings both to a mentor and a mentee – sharing your knowledge, improving your coaching and communication skills, developing emotional intelligence, and making an impact on your mentee’s career.

It is a common practice to mentor junior specialists within your own project. However, we worked out a bit different approach. At N-iX, you can mentor people across the company – from various projects and departments. Also, you can always request a mentor to gain additional competence because learning is a lifelong process.

Tech Talks and Meetups – share knowledge and practice public speaking 

Knowledge has no limit, even if you are a Senior-level expert. To promote a knowledge-sharing culture in the company, we launched N-iX Meetups – free educational events where experts share their skills and best practices. 

Since 2018, we’ve organized over 100 internal and external tech talks and meetups on different topics – from .NET and Data Science to project management and productivity hacks. Therefore, everyone has a chance to gain new knowledge from experts in their fields. 

As a speaker, you can share your knowledge, practice your presentation and public speaking skills, and extend your professional network. 

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Tech Communities – network with profs and keep up with the latest tech

Even if you have a lot of experience under your belt, there comes a moment when you need to turn to another professional for advice or discuss some tech issues. >

As the company with 1,000+ specialists, we have many rockstar professionals in different technologies (.NET, JS, Java, Python, etc.) and active tech communities. So there is always room for discussions and knowledge exchange with your senior fellows who have different experience. 

Multiple projects & rotation opportunities – try different domains and tech stacks

Have you ever felt stuck and bored working on your project? A lot of us have been in a situation when your company has no other project with your tech stack and new opportunities don’t come along very often. 

At N-iX, we have over 60 ongoing projects in different domains and with different technologies. Also, we are focused on bringing new high-quality projects with interesting tasks where our people can grow. From the solutions that transform agriculture and help save people’s lives to the platforms for leading fintechs and telecoms, you can work on the project that changes the world. 

Also, you can always explore new opportunities under our own roof. If you don’t feel like going on with your project, you can always rotate to the one that better suits your career goals. 

Expert networks – gain experience in pre-sales, tech evaluations, and more

To build your career, you need more than just strong technical expertise. Communicating with a customer, interviewing other engineers, presenting yourself and your ideas are the skills that you can develop. For this, you need expert support and effective training. 

With such an idea in mind, we’ve launched a number of expert networks. Joining an expert network, you can practice pre-sales and help engage new clients, conduct tech interviews, improve your presentation skills, do tech evaluations, become a mentor or speaker, and more. 

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Professional certification – get certified and increase your market value

Certifications are a valuable part of your resume. They help you boost your career and prove you’re a good professional. If you want to get certified, we support it. That’s why we cover 100% expenses on successfully passed professional certifications.

HR Business Partner – always have an advisor by your side

When there are many opportunities, it’s difficult to find what is best for your career at the moment. Having a personal advisor in the company who can help you build a plan for your professional development must be a great help. Here at N-iX, everyone has an HR Business Partner who is always there to help you with advice or answer any questions.

Come work with us and unlock your full potential! Explore our career opportunities.