IT is Architecture Days in Krakow

Kraków, Poland, March 2, 2023 – N-iX Poland is organizing a series of software architecture meetups at the N-iX Kraków office. We are excited to bring together software architects, developers, and tech enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends, best practices, and real-life experiences in software architecture.

Each Meetup will feature a lecture by Dmytro Ovcharenko, a technology leader with over 15 years of IT experience, followed by a networking after-party. As an architecture coach and speaker, Dmytro is passionate about sharing his experience with the community through special training, conferences, and architecture meetings. He continues to build his architectural and consulting experience at N-iX, leading the Technology Office and supporting engineers to become Solution Architects.

The N-iX Technology Office offers a wide range of services in various tech domains, including general architecture, cloud solutions, data & analytics, platform solutions, UI/UX & Product Design, and IoT. Recently, the N-iX Architecture University program was launched to provide engineers with essential skills to become Software Architects. The program covers various topics, including architecture methodology, consulting, product stages, designing and analyzing architectures, working with functional & non-functional project requirements, and realizing architectures.

The Meetups schedule is as follows:

🔶March 2 – Who is an Architect – learn about the role of a software architect, their responsibilities, and how they impact the quality of the technical solution.
🔶March 9 – SAR – significant architecture requirements – we’ll discuss quality attribute scenarios and how to determine whether a system complies with these requirements.
🔶March 23 – ADD – attribute-driven design – we’ll explore the concepts of reference architecture, architectural patterns and styles, design tactics, and technologies used in software architecture.
🔶March 30 – Solutions architecture documentation – we’ll dive into the importance of architectural documentation and its use to guide development, assess and improve existing architecture, and make decisions.
🔶April 6 – Architecture Katas day – a hands-on practice session where we’ll design a business case from scratch and apply what we’ve learned in the previous Meetups.

Registration is free and available on our website,

Whether you’re an experienced software architect or just starting out, these Meetups are an excellent opportunity to learn, network, and share knowledge with like-minded professionals. Don’t miss out on this chance to take your software architecture skills to the next level.


About N-iX: 

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