Java at N-iX: Competence Lead about our tech community

At N-iX, we have over 150 skilled Java developers working on more than 35 Java projects! And this number is growing. We support multiple initiatives to create growth and learning opportunities for our experts. One of such initiatives is the Java community led by the Competence Lead Serhiy. Read on to find out more!😉

  • What does a Competence Lead do at N-iX?

We have Competence Leads for different technologies at N-iX. They’re responsible for developing the tech direction, building the internal community, gathering best practices, and working to create the best possible conditions for career growth.

  • What are you doing to develop the Java competency at the company?

First of all, we’ve been working on unifying the interview process by adding a set of questions and coding tasks that are easy to evaluate. It helps select the best candidates faster. Also, we’re planning a series of internal Java workshops and meetups.

  • My advice to people who start learning Java…

There can’t be too much practice! Read programming books and take courses, but don’t forget to do all the practical exercises. Make sure you know all the basic constructs and can write them with your eyes closed.

  • What is the most important to grow professionally…

Understanding of what you want and constant actions to achieve your goal.

  • A person who inspires me…

Linus Torvalds, the creator and main developer of the Linux operating system. And Doug Lea, the father of Java concurrent programming and the author of a fantastic book “Concurrent programming in Java”. 

  • For me, N-iX is…

Interesting projects and great clients.

We’ve got 15+ opportunities for Java engineers with a great community and career growth. Find your role and join us!