N-iX and Veteran Hub Sign Partnership to Support Veteran Integration

Lviv, Ukraine — April 19 — N-iX, a trusted global provider of software development services, is proud to announce a new partnership with Veteran Hub, a network dedicated to supporting veterans and their families in Ukraine. This partnership reflects N-iX’s ongoing commitment to social responsibility and its recognition of the importance of integrating veterans into the workforce as a critical aspect of post-war reconstruction.

Veteran Hub has been an invaluable resource for veterans and their families for over five years, providing legal advice, psychological support, and personal guidance. Their network includes support centers in Kyiv and Vinnytsia, mobile offices across three regions, and a national support hotline.

The partnership between N-iX and Veteran Hub comes at a time when many veterans are returning to civilian life and the workforce. Employers are preparing for this transition by creating dignified opportunities and processes for employment.

“At N-iX, our commitment extends to ensuring equity of opportunities for everyone, particularly veterans and their families. We are dedicated to aiding veterans throughout their adaptation process and are focused on establishing fair conditions that help them transition smoothly back into civilian life,” stated Sviatoslav Kavetskyi, Director of Industry Affairs at N-iX

Veteran Hub, supported by the Veterans’ Reintegration Program, has previously developed a guide for HR professionals on collaborating with veterans, based on over three years of consulting experience. This guide is a practical tool that helps companies understand the needs of veterans and the challenges they face in finding suitable employment.

About N-iX: 

N-iX is a global IT company founded in Lviv in 2002. The company unites over 2,000 specialists and provides software development services and expertise in cloud solutions, data engineering, embedded systems, Internet of Things, machine learning, and other innovative technologies. N-iX clients are global market leaders and Fortune 500 companies from various industries – finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, retail, and others.

About Veteran Hub:

Veteran Hub is a support network for veterans and their families, offering comprehensive services that include legal consultations, psychological support, and personal mentoring. Their efforts are aimed at helping veterans reintegrate into civilian life and work environments, supporting their transition with the necessary resources and guidance.