N-iX charity initiative recognized at DOU Awards

Kyiv – February 28, 2024 – N-iX has received recognition at the inaugural DOU Awards in the category of “Strongest IT Company Initiative for Victory.” This achievement is not ours alone but a reflection of the collective spirit and resilience of the entire IT community, our dedicated viewers, generous donors, and supportive partners.

Our initiative to transform corporate events into charitable online streams has been a journey shared with the whole community. Together, we’ve managed to raise over 44 million UAH for the “Come Back Alive” foundation since early 2022, contributing to a total support amount of more than 145 million UAH for Ukraine and its Armed Forces. This recognition belongs to every viewer who tuned in, every donor who contributed, and every partner who stood by us, demonstrating the powerful impact we can achieve when we unite for a common cause.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the DOU community and the expert jury for selecting us among so many worthy nominees. Over 50 initiatives were recognized during the ceremony, showcasing the breadth and depth of commitment within our industry to making a difference.

In addition to celebrating the winners, DOU also awarded grants to support further contributions to our community. DeepStatemap was awarded 100,000 UAH, the “KOLO” charity foundation received 70,000 UAH, the “stopRU” initiative was granted 50,000 UAH, and winners in the military-tech sector each received 70,000 UAH. These grants will undoubtedly fuel more innovative projects and initiatives that contribute to our shared goals.

Thank you to the DOU community, “Come Back Alive” foundation, Dima Maleev, “TV Toronto”, “Underground Standup”, Zhenia Yanovych, our viewers, donors, countless partners, and organizers for their unwavering support and for proving once again that together, we are stronger.

About N-iX:
N-iX is a global IT company founded in Lviv in 2002. The company unites over 2,200 specialists and provides software development services and expertise in cloud solutions, data engineering, embedded systems, Internet of Things, machine learning, and other innovative technologies. N-iX clients are global market leaders and Fortune 500 companies from various industries – finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, retail, and others.

About DOU:
DOU.ua — the biggest IT community in Ukraine.