N-iX organized a charity stream to raise funds for Air Defense Forces of Ukraine.

On August 19th, Lviv – IT company N-iX organized a charity stream in collaboration with “Underground Stand-up” and the “Come Back Alive” foundation. The goal of the charitable broadcast was to raise 10,000,000 hryvnias to purchase 400 radios for the Air Defense Forces.

During the stream, the most popular formats of “Underground Stand-up” competed for viewer donations:

  • Vasyl Baidak – “Underground Rozhony” and special guest Zhenya Yanovich;
  • Svilana Nemonezhina – “Almost Intellectual Show” with Andriy Shimanovsky;
  • Svyat Zagaikievich – “Podcast on Nails” with Kostya Tremboveckiy;
  • Yura Kolomiyets – “Underground Cinema Club” with Roman Shcherban;
  • Anton Tymoshenko and Nastya Zuhvala – “Underground Zahony” with Taras Chmut.

On the occasion of its 21st anniversary, N-iX decided to double the amount of donations collected by the most popular format of “Underground Stand-up.” Overall, the stream “IT is Fine” was viewed by more than 85,000 viewers and, to date, has raised over 8,400,000 UAH. Out of this, the 1,117,000 UAH raised by the “Underground Zahony” format was doubled by N-iX.

The highlight of the event was the impromptu performance of the song “Love” (Лове) by Kurgan and Agregat, together with Taras Chmut, the director of the “Come Back Alive” foundation. Taras Chmut agreed to perform after the Nasirov brothers, Amil and Ramil, set a condition for the stream’s viewers to donate almost 400,000 hryvnias to hear them perform together.

At the beginning of the stream, in connection with the tragedy in Chernihiv, Andrew Pavliv, the founder and CEO of N-iX, announced the allocation of an additional 1,000,000 ₴ to support the victims of the missile attack.

Andrew Pavliv, CEO & Founder at N-iX, comments:

Today’s incident once again proves how important it is to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Helping our military to hasten our victory is the only thing that people who continue to work in our economy can do.

N-iX, in collaboration with the “Come Back Alive” foundation, continues fundraising for radios on the foundation’s project page – https://savelife.in.ua/projects/military/na-zvyazku-it-is-fine/

Last year, on August 20th, instead of the traditional celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary, N-iX organized a charity stream where, together with Dima Maleev, we raised more than 12,000,000 hryvnias for the “Come Back Alive” fund.

In winter, instead of the usual corporate party, we also hosted an event for the entire IT community, where during the “Toronto Television” stream, together with DOU and “Come Back Alive” fund, we raised more than 9.5 million hryvnias for the purchase of power sources for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

About N-iX: 

N-iX is a global IT company founded in Lviv in 2002. The company unites over 2,000 specialists and provides software development services and expertise in cloud solutions, data engineering, embedded systems, Internet of Things, machine learning, and other innovative technologies. N-iX clients are global market leaders and Fortune 500 companies from various industries – finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, retail, and others.

About the “Come Back Alive” foundation:

“Come Back Alive” is a Foundation providing competent assistance to the military. Since 2014, our key goal has been to make the Defense Forces more efficient, save the lives of the military and systematically counter the enemy.
The Foundation purchases equipment that helps save the lives of the military, including thermal imaging optics, quadcopters, cars, security, and intelligence systems.