N-iX QA Lab: How QA specialists can develop their skills and grow at N-iX?

At N-iX, we have more than 200 QA specialists who make sure we deliver only top-quality software to our clients. They’re doing an amazing job, and our task is to create the environment where they can develop their skills and grow.

  • N-iX QA Lab is where all the magic happens.😉 It is our internal community where everyone interested in Quality Assurance can exchange knowledge and ideas, share their pains and wins, get help and advice when needed. Kudos to Olesia, QA Competence Lead at N-iX, who started this great initiative and drives it.
  • QA Lab Group in our internal social network provides the platform for networking, sharing the latest news and trends, discussing challenges our colleagues face in their work, and more.
  • QA Lab Meetups help specialists learn from the best QAs at N-iX and talk about the hottest topics in the QA world.
  • QA Hotline serves as a help desk used to get expert advice from senior colleagues and ask about the challenges our QA specialists face on their projects.
  • ATQC Associates Program a learning program for Manual QC specialists who’d like to gain skills in QC Automation, which includes mentorship support from experienced N-iX engineers.
  • Mentorship for QA engineers enables both mentors and mentees to exchange their experience and upgrade their skills. A lot of our QA specialists have already benefited from the N-iX Mentorship Program. 
  • API testing course led by Iaroslav, QA Automation Engineer at N-iX, helps our QAs increase their stack of knowledge and technologies.

We’ve got dozens of open positions for QA specialists and plenty of growth opportunities. Find your role and join us!