N-iX raised 11.3 million hryvnias during the charity stream “IT is DONATION NATION”

January 4th, Lviv – IT company N-iX, in collaboration with Yevhen Yanovych, organized a charity livestream “IT is DONATION NATION”. Over 11,347,936 hryvnias were raised for the “Come Back Alive” fund to purchase laser rangefinders for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The organizers gathered charitable funds, the business community, bloggers, comedians, and influencers in the studio of the ’20:23′ show, united by fundraising efforts to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, restore schools, and provide assistance to the civilian population and animals in Ukraine.

Among the stream guests were Taras Chmut, Ihor Lachenkov and Did Shinobi, Mykhailo Lebiga and Nadiya Dorofeyeva, Anton Tymoshenko and Mark Kutsevalov, Amil and Ramil Nasirov, Andriy Luzan and Mykola Ziryanov, representatives from the business sector including Silpo and Okko, as well as the SaveED and UA Animals foundations.

Almost 600,000 viewers tuned in to the stream on Zhenya Yanovich’s channel and, during the six-hour broadcast, raised six million hryvnias for the fundraiser. As part of the fundraiser, together with the “Come Back Alive” foundation, N-iX prepared exclusive keychains made from the barrel of a T-72 tank. Nearly 300 people donated over 10,000₴ to support the fundraiser and receive a unique souvenir.

Together with the “Come Back Alive” foundation, N-iX closed a fundraising campaign on the eve of the new year, raising over 11 million hryvnias.N-iX joined the fundraising effort by donating 1 million hryvnias for charitable purposes. The collected funds will be used to purchase 25 Steiner M830r LRF1535nm laser rangefinders and 25 Vectronix Terrapin X devices.

For the fourth time, we are transforming our corporate holiday into a public charity event to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since autumn, unity has been crucial for everyone, so we decided to gather volunteers of various scales, businesses, bloggers, and artists, demonstrating that we are all united around one goal – to win!” 

– comments Olexandr Shatnyy, VP People Operations at N-iX.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, N-iX has supported Ukraine and the Armed Forces with over 125 million hryvnias. Through organizing online streams alone, N-iX has already raised over 44 million hryvnias for the ‘Come Back Alive’ fund.
Additionally, the company established the “IT is CHARITY” charitable foundation, which aids N-iX employees in the Armed Forces and addresses other requests from the military.

About N-iX: 

N-iX is a global IT company founded in Lviv in 2002. The company unites over 2,000 specialists and provides software development services and expertise in cloud solutions, data engineering, embedded systems, Internet of Things, machine learning, and other innovative technologies. N-iX clients are global market leaders and Fortune 500 companies from various industries – finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, retail, and others.

About the “Come Back Alive” foundation:

“Come Back Alive” is a Foundation providing competent assistance to the military. Since 2014, our key goal has been to make the Defense Forces more efficient, save the lives of the military and systematically counter the enemy.
The Foundation purchases equipment that helps save the lives of the military, including thermal imaging optics, quadcopters, cars, security, and intelligence systems.