.NET community at N-iX: Engineers speak

Some of our most experienced .NET developers talk about their growth and projects at N-iX. 


Position: Senior .NET Engineer 
Project: a large automotive consulting firm

I started my path at N-iX at Lebara, one of Europe’s largest telecoms with five million users. In fact, it is one of the biggest and most exciting projects at N-iX. First of all, this project attracted me with its tech stack and the opportunity to work closely with customers. After three years, I got hand-on experience with the latest versions of Azure Stack and .NET Core, cloud technologies, microservices, and much more. And I believe Lebara is one of the most interesting projects for a .NET engineer on the Ukrainian market. The skills I developed there allowed me to start a new great project for a large automotive consulting company.

net developers community

For me as a Senior .NET engineer, N-iX has got everything – amazing projects, a good reputation, and endless opportunities. When I joined N-iX, it had only 300 people, and now it is over 1,000. As the company gets bigger, the tech communities also grow and new initiatives appear. We have many strong .NET engineers with diverse expertise ready to share their knowledge. 

Also, the company engages only high-quality projects where you can master the latest technologies and make an impact. 


Position: Lead Software Engineer 
Project: the world’s leading insurance technology platform

Three years ago, I didn’t plan to change the company. But N-iX attracted me with an opportunity to set up a team from scratch and start an ambitious project with them. It was Spotzer, an Amsterdam-based provider of integrated digital marketing solutions. Before N-iX, I didn’t have any experience with engagement and presales activities. As it is a big company with new .NET projects coming, I use an opportunity to engage in the process of setting the requirements, understanding the customer’s vision (and helping with it), making an estimate, etc. It’s a valuable experience. 

net developers community

Right now, I’m working on a project for the world’s leading insurance technology platform. It has helped me to improve my knowledge in identity management, security, Docker, and a lot of cutting edge technologies. During my time with N-iX, my value on the market has increased a lot. Also, it is cool to work in the company with the community in your technology where we always share useful insights and advice.


Position: .NET Application Architect 
Project: a digital transformation business based in the UK

I joined N-iX because I realized that the company has ambitious goals, a strong community of .NET experts, and highly competitive .NET projects. So far, I’ve only made sure that this is true. 

I’m a .NET Application Architect at Code Worldwide, a big marketing platform that transforms and automates companies’ marketing processes. I’d had experience with big projects before, but a big project with many development teams is something new for me. And it’s extremely interesting to see how effectively our cooperation is organized. 

Apart from coding, our team is integrated into the whole development cycle. I enjoy that we are involved in the design thinking process so we can put forward new ideas, improve the product, get feedback from the users, and feel the difference we make. At Code Worldwide, I’ve mastered my skills in cloud technologies, VueJS, MongoDB, microservices, and more. 

Overall, N-iX invests heavily in building tech communities and cross-project knowledge sharing. And I’m glad to take part in it. I conduct knowledge evaluations, contribute to upgrading our competence model, and engage in pre-sales activities. There are many ambitious .NET projects here, and new opportunities come up every day. 


Position: .NET Tech Lead
Project: a large automotive consulting firm

I started my journey at N-iX working on a SaaS platform for Orbus Software, a global provider of software solutions based in London. The project is interesting thanks to its newest Azure services and frameworks (.NET Core), well-established processes (SAFe), event-driven architecture, OData API, and more. 

Recently, I’ve joined a new project, a large automotive consulting firm based in Austria. Here I’ve had a chance to take part in a discovery phase, choosing the technologies, the architecture, approaches, and evaluation of the existing products. It is definitely a valuable experience. 

net developers community

As a company, N-iX offers many ways to grow, so you just have to choose what you prefer. I am involved in the architecture associate group, a mentorship program as a mentor, and an evaluation program for engineers. Also, we have an active .NET community for sharing knowledge and we hold regular tech meetups. 


Position: Senior .NET developer 
Project: a P2P lending company based in the UK

I am a Senior .NET developer at RateSetter, a leading peer-to-peer lending company in the UK.  I joined N-iX almost three years ago when this great project was only starting. We were growing rapidly that brought new interesting challenges and valuable experience. During this time, I’ve significantly developed my skills in .NET technologies, software security, migrating from the monolithic to a microservice architecture, front-end technologies (Angular), and much more. 

Our client constantly invests in improving their product and processes. So we always keep looking for better approaches and best domain practices, which improve our productivity and allow us to reach business goals faster. Also, I’ve noticed that having active collaboration with London developers helps get more involved in business processes and improve English a lot. 

Before N-iX, I had worked in companies where .NET communities weren’t developed that much. So there was a gap for knowledge sharing between developers. Here, .NET engineers have their place for questions and discussions, and local communities get significant support from N-iX. You can request a mentor or become one, join an architecture associates group, and use many other opportunities for your career development.

net developers community

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