.NET at N-iX: Yaroslav Mota about the community and career growth

Meet Yaroslav Mota! He started as a software engineer at N-iX five years ago and grew to the engineering manager and .NET competence lead roles! Yaroslav is passionate about lots of things, but his main focus at N-iX is on developing our .NET community and expertise.

  • For me, N-iX is…

Constant growth! The company is growing, and the people are as well.

  • What do you like the most about your work? 

I enjoy meeting new talents inside the company and coming up with great ideas together.

  • What is the most important to grow professionally at N-iX…

At N-iX, there are many growth opportunities, and all you need is to take full advantage of them! Share your ideas, take initiative, and study a lot.

  • My advice to people who start learning .NET…

.NET is just a tool that helps you create great things, but you should understand how to use it properly. At first, it’s important to learn the basics: object-oriented programming, the basics of system architecture and design. 

  • My motto…

Move towards your goals and never give up. When you want to do something, you will find a thousand ways, but when you don’t – you’ll find a thousand excuses.

  • The best learning resources for .NET devs…
    • Nick Chapsas’ videos on YouTube – he discusses many interesting .NET topics in an easily digestible format. 
    • All the Microsoft resources: blog, documentation, and courses.
  • If I wasn’t a .NET dev, I would…

Definitely work with people! Most probably, I would be a marketer.

  • A person at N-iX who inspires me…

There are several people at N-iX who motivate me with their results. Among them is Pavlo Deshchynskyy, Chief Operating Officer at N-iX, who started as an engineer at the company. Also, Roman Dziuma, Solutions Architect at N-iX, who is constantly developing his skills, excelling in his career and, at the same time, taking care of a big family with three children.

  • What does a competence lead do at N-iX?

As a .NET competence lead, I develop the .NET community, gather all the knowledge and best practices, and facilitate specialists’ career growth!

  • What are your plans for the .NET direction at N-iX?

In the near future, we plan to update the competence models and make the interview process even more efficient. Also, we often gather online for tech talks, workshops, and tech reading clubs. For example, one of our next tech talks will be about clean code and architecture.  

  • The .NET community at N-iX is…

Cool people and tons of motivation!

  • How many .NET developers and projects are there at N-iX?

Our community at N-iX consists of 200+ .NET specialists working on 50+ interesting projects! Also, we have dozens of opportunities for .NET engineers, so join us and let’s grow together!