World's largest EV charging network

California, USA
Team size:
Cloud Solutions, DevOps, Software Product Development
Partnership period:
March 2021 - Present
Golang, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, React, Typescript.

About the client: the world’s largest electric vehicle charging provider

The company owns the largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations operating in the USA and 13 other countries. Since 2007, our partner has focused on building the future of e-mobility and creating an excellent EV charging experience. Today, drivers plug into their network every 2 seconds and can charge all the models that are out in the streets.


About the products: building the fueling network of the future

Our partner’s network makes it easy for any driver to access any EV charging station through any system, as they partner with lots of charging point operators (CPOs) and e-mobility service providers (eMSP). The company provides a smooth station usage experience with their reliable hardware, secure cloud-based services, easy-to-use mobile apps, and 24/7 support. Our teams work on expanding the functionality of the station systems, cloud migration, optimizing the mobile solutions, and more.


Why this project?

  1. Unique experience in a unique domain

As e-mobility is developing rapidly, the need for fast and accessible charging grows as well. Our partner operates the world’s leading EV charging network, thus transforming the automotive industry and building a more sustainable future for all of us. So on this project, you get the chance to work on the charging solutions that are moving the EV industry forward. 

  1. Teams

There are five teams of experienced engineers on the project: 

  • The Java team is responsoble for integrating different parts of the system written in Java/PHP/Golang.

  • The React team is responsible for integrating different parts of the system written in Java/PHP/Golang
  • Our client has launched a new type of charging stations,so our PHP team is working on the back-end for this solution.It is a modular system that consists of one or several separate power blocks and the charging station itself. This approach allows increasing the charging capacity and reducing the charging time.
  • The Go/PHP team is responsible for communication and management of all charging stations connected to the cloud
  • Operations team is monitoring and improving system reliability, is migrating the system to the cloud
  1. Technologies

As the charging technology is becoming more complicated and the load grows, the company is migrating its solution from PHP to Java, Go, and React. Our specialists contribute to product migration.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of the project is a wide tech stack. So, you can work with more than just one technology. For example, if you’re a Java Engineer and want to code in Go, you’ll have such an opportunity. Among the technologies used on the project are React, Typescript, Javascript, Java, Python, Go, microservices, to name a few.

  1. Process

The development teams use the Scrum framework and work in two-week sprints. Specialists are encouraged to take ownership and make important tech decisions. Also, the team pays special attention to documentation and discussion of the further changes and new features. It helps improve code structure and software architecture.

  1. Knowledge sharing

The teams have regular monthly workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions. For example, recently, we have organized a workshop on web accessibility. As many senior engineers work on the project, you have the chance to learn from them and get a lot of valuable experience.

  1. Spirit and values

From the very beginning, we’ve had smooth and fruitful cooperation with the client. Each specialist is an integral part of the team regardless of location. Our partner sticks to a team-based model rather than a project-based one. The stakeholders on the client’s side are open to new ideas, they value specialists’ independence, problem-solving, analytical and technical skills.

  1. Impact

Our partner is at the forefront of the global shift to e-mobility. By growing the world’s leading EV charging network, the company helps drivers switch to electric vehicles thus, reducing tons of harmful emissions. Join the team transforming the automotive industry, making it greener, and more sustainable!

  1. Team about the project

Volodymyr, Java Engineer, “What I like about the project is the great variety of engineering tasks that aren’t just writing code but rather solving problems. It’s challenging, but it’s also a great opportunity for learning new things and using your own experience to make things better. I like that we work as a team, and everyone’s contribution matters.”

Yuriy, PHP Engineer, “Working here gives me the opportunity to contribute to the development of the electric car industry. It feels great when your actions and decisions have an impact on the future.”

Dmytro, Golang Engineer, I’ve been working in a Station Services Team for five months. At first, it was a bit challenging to learn the specifics of station operations, but my team always supported me. I like this project because:

  • I can add real business value with my experience and knowledge;
  • We have a friendly and supportive team with strong developers who share their knowledge;
  • There are cross-team meetings with important information about the company’s infrastructure, future vision, or plans to use new technologies.