Largest privately-owned aerospace company in Italy

Bari, Italy
Team size:
Business Intelligence, Cloud Solutions, DevOps, QA Automation
Partnership period:
July 2014 - present
Android, iOS

About the client: the largest privately-owned aerospace company in Italy

SITAEL is the largest privately-owned aerospace company in Italy leading the development of the small satellites sector.

About the products: working on a smart bike-sharing system

Among many other products, the client offers a smart bike-sharing system that provides e-bikes for rent in Denmark and other European countries. It includes bikes, tablets with built-in GPS, and mobile applications for using bicycles. Our team at N-iX has developed mobile apps (iOS, Android) from scratch. Using the application, people can book, rent, and ride bikes. Also, the team has provided QA services and helped with the backend of the existing apps.



  1. Team 

Our team at N-iX consists of an experienced tech lead, middle+ engineers (iOS, Android), a QA engineer, and a PM.

  1. Agile approach

We helped the client adopt Agile to organize effective working processes.  We use Scrum with bi-weekly sprints, regular demos, and all its other ceremonies.

  1. Working with hardware

As this project involves working with hardware (bikes and their docking station), the team can test the solutions on real devices and see the result of their work. It is both interesting and motivating.

  1. Product improvement

The team often suggests new ideas on how to improve the system, the architecture, and the client values it a lot.

  1. The team’s life

The team is friendly and united – we have online coffee meetings every 2 weeks, offline team buildings, we celebrate birthdays and other important occasions.