United Kingdom, London
Team size:
Business Intelligence, Cloud Solutions, DevOps, QA Automation
Partnership period:
July 2014 - present
.NET, DevOps, JavaScript

About the client: a leading global provider of enterprise architecture software

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in London, Orbus Software is an independent software vendor and a leading global provider of software solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis and Application Portfolio Management.


About the products: developing enterprise software solutions

Orbus Software develops and distributes iServer Product suite – enterprise architecture software that helps huge enterprises manage their business. iServer, the client’s core product, enables businesses to continue to use familiar Microsoft technologies, including Visio, Office, SharePoint, and SQL Server, providing the easiest to use environment for planning and executing strategic change.


Why Orbus?

  1. Partnership

We started a partnership with Orbus Software in 2014 by providing QA services.

  1. Products

The two main products we are working on are iServer and iServer 365. They include mainly software development, QA, and consulting work.

  1. Team

Large and friendly: around 60 professionals work on Orbus Software projects at N-iX. Currently, there are several teams on this project at N-iX including iServer, iServer 365, consultancy, support, BI, website, solutions hub, as well as a tech writer and DevOps.

  1. Relationship

Open communication is one of the key attributes of this partnership. There is no hierarchy in collaboration and everyone is on the same level. The client is open and shares their vision and roadmap with us, so we always know what to expect.

  1. Professional growth

The professionals always have support however they want to grow – horizontally or vertically. There are many cases of switching competence from manual to automation QA, testing to development, etc.

  1. Knowledge-sharing culture

The teams actively practice knowledge exchange. Depending on the expertise (software development, QA, etc.), the specialists have regular meetings to discuss tech questions and share knowledge.




Client says


They do take time to understand your business. It’s not just – here’s some developers and QA’s – it’s what is it you’re trying to achieve and how can we align with that.

        Stephen Parsons, Development Manager at Orbus Software