OVO Energy

Bristol, UK
Team size:
Golang, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Scala

About the client: independent energy technology company

Our partner is one of the largest independent energy technology companies in the UK, developing products, services, and technology across its multiple brands to drive progress to zero-carbon living.


About the products: building products to supply energy from renewable sources

Our team has been working on rebuilding and modernizing the client’s existing solution that is used by over 200,000 users. The client has an ambitious and achievable goal – to rebuild it and reach 500,000 users next year. 



Why this project?

  1. Partnership

N-iX has been working with the company since 2017. In these 3 years, we have built a strong partnership and our team grew several times bigger.

  1. Mission

Our partner aims to tackle the climate crisis by driving progress towards net zero carbon living. Also, its energy technology companies are working together to reduce their carbon emissions to net zero by 2030.

  1. Team

The team at N-iX is a community of around 40 professionals most of whom are senior level specialists. The team includes software engineers, business analysts, DevOps, Automation and Manual QA engineers, a designer, and other specialists.

The team is growing, so don’t miss your opportunity to join it: https://careers.n-ix.com/

  1. Collaboration

N-iX team works closely with the client’s onsite team based in the UK – its software developers, business analysts, product owners, and other business stakeholders. 

  1. Working culture

The company defines their culture as “autonomy with responsibility”. So the teams have enough freedom to take tech decisions and suggest new solutions.

  1. Professional development

The client encourages the teams to develop new skills and share knowledge. For example, there are regular meetings where experts exchange their knowledge and ideas.

  1. Team’s life

Remote work is no obstacle – we have regular team buildings and online gatherings. For instance, every Friday the whole team gathers online to chat and have a drink. Recently, our team has played a game where everyone sent their childhood photos, and we had to guess who is who.