Oslo, Norway
Team size:
Media & Entertainment
Cloud Solutions, DevOps, High Load Systems, UI/UX
Partnership period:
February 2015 - Present
Android, iOS, PHP

About the client: large media group operating in 30 countries

As an international media group with 6800 employees in 30 countries, Schibsted contributes to quality journalism with the main focus on Norway and Sweden.


About the products: building tech solutions for media

Schibsted provides multiple media services – from newspapers and multimedia content to online classified marketplaces and media houses. The news mostly cover Nordic businesses, oil and energy, aquaculture and fishing, shipbuilding, shipping, and marine industry. Currently, N-iX team mostly focuses on (the largest online newspaper for economy and business in Norway) and other related products.


Why Schibsted?

  1. Opportunities

Here N-iXers can try different roles and master new technologies. As the team works on several products, there are wide-ranging tasks that motivate specialists to learn something new. For instance, Yuriy grew from a HTML/CSS specialist to a front-end engineer and then learned back-end technologies.

  1. Technologies

On this project, you can learn PHP, JavaScript, DevOps, work with AWS and Kubernetes, and other modern technologies.

  1. Team

We’ve got an extremely friendly and supportive team that celebrates all the small and big victories, birthdays, maternity leaves, and is always ready to help out.

  1. Knowledge-sharing culture

We practice regular learning sessions together with our client’s team in Norway. Every month, one expert gives a tech talk on the topic he or she knows and shares the knowledge and experience.

  1. Relationship

The client is always open to our suggestions and listens to our advice. Overall, the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Before the lockdown, business trips and real-life team-buildings were a usual thing.

  1. Agile approach

We helped our client adopt Agile and introduced long-term Agile planning, improved visibility and transparency of product development, established a continuous improvement process, and more.

  1. Recognition

In May 2015,, one of the websites developed by the N-iX team, was nominated for Norway’s best niche site of the year award.



Client says

N-iX is excellent at working with the product and has developed a very complicated, in terms of back-end, but easy to use at the frontend, product. Working with N-iX, I feel confident that the product I deliver to the end-users is the best possible product with 100% reliability.

      Steven Chilvers, Product Manager at Schibsted