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How to submit a referral?

Referring a friend to N-iX is a piece of cake. It will take just a few easy steps. Simply fill in the form and get your reward.

Requirements for a referral:

  • You can submit referrals only for open positions.
  • The candidate must be aware of the vacant position and willing to cooperate with N-iX.
  • You cannot refer yourself – but you are invited to check out our career opportunities.
  • We accept a referral if the recruiter has not contacted the candidate in the last 2 months. 
  • You must be the first person to refer the candidate for the position. After submitting the form, we will record the date and time of the submission, along with the candidate’s name.
  • The referred person was not already recommended by someone else during the last 2 months.
  • The candidate is not already involved in the selection process of one of our current vacancies.
  • If we can’t meet with a referred person within 2 months, no bonus will be paid.
  • A referral bonus is only applicable for delivery positions Middle+ level and non-delivery positions Senior+ level.
  • Hiring Managers (Delivery Managers, Delivery Directors, Project Managers, Project Coordinators; Team Leads when they have a role of a Hiring Manager) cannot get a referral bonus for a referral to their projects. But a Hiring Manager can refer a candidate for any other projects in the company.

What kind of bonus can I get?

You will get an appreciation bonus if you refer a person for any open position in:

Delivery direction:

  • Middle Specialist
  • Senior Specialist
  • Lead Specialist

Non-Delivery direction:

  • Senior/Lead Specialist

The bonus amount will depend on the qualification level of the candidate which is defined after an internal technical interview.

You will get a special bonus if you refer a friend to the ‘hot vacancy’. The bonus depends on how complex and urgent the specific position is. The responsible Talent Acquisition Specialist will inform you about the ‘hot position’ requirements and the amount of the referral bonus.

How can I get my referral bonus?

  • The bonus is given after the candidate has successfully passed the probation period. Usually the probation period lasts for 3 months. If the probation period is prolonged, we will inform you.
  • You will be informed about a referral bonus payment by email from the responsible recruiter.

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