N-iX Stands with Ukraine!

On February 24, Russia started an unprovoked full-scale war in Ukraine. The whole world witnessed the acts of pure aggression and terrorism, while the Ukrainian people stood united in their fight against the attackers.  

N-iX is a company with Ukrainian roots. Founded in 2002 in Lviv, we have been expanding our team of over 1,700 people all around Ukraine and abroad. Although most N-iX associates are located in Lviv in the west of Ukraine, 22 regions of Ukraine are homes to our colleagues. The well-being and safety of our people has always been our top priority, so since day one of the attack, we have focused on evacuating the people from the affected territories.

The safety of our colleagues is our top priority 

Since February 24th, N-iX office in Lviv has become a 24/7 Help Centre for colleagues and their families from different parts of Ukraine. N-iX provided them with temporary housing and necessities and created a Relocation fund so that all N-iXers who have to leave their homes receive financial aid. Also, we organized the evacuation of female associates and the families of male colleagues to Poland. The company has an office in Kraków and a representative who helps specialists there. Almost 600 of our colleagues have evacuated to Western Ukraine and Poland since the Russian invasion.

We keep working and looking for talent

N-iX keeps operating and delivering services to our partners, who have shown unprecedented support – with their kind words, their business, and generous donations to Ukraine’s needs.

Those of us who are safe continue to work – now, this is critical for supporting the Ukrainian IT industry and economy. Even in the first two weeks of the war, our amazing colleagues kept the level of services above 90%, demonstrating incredible commitment and impressing our partners. 

We know that a lot of people have lost their jobs because of the war. We still have open opportunities at N-iX and invite everyone who is ready and willing to join us. 

Supporting the fight of the Ukrainian people and N-iXers in the Ukrainian Armed Forces

We are extremely proud of our colleagues who joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We wish them strength, good health, and victory. To support them, N-iX has created a special Fund that will be used to save their jobs and continue payments. Apart from the initial contribution of 200,000 USD by the company, the fund is also supported by N-iXers. Also, N-iX bought 20 sets of bulletproof vests and helmets for our colleagues in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

So far, the N-iX team raised more than $450,000 to help the Ukrainian army and people affected by the Russian aggression. The company bought 4 SUVs for the front, delivered 85 units of computer equipment for the military needs; bought ammunition, tactical clothing, tents, pillows, mattresses, and other necessary items for the army; purchased medicine for the children of the Kyiv City Hospital and our colleague’s battalion; allocated $20,000 to support the projects of Lviv IT Cluster and set up centers for temporarily displaced persons, and more. Also, Andrew Pavliv, N-iX Founder and CEO, donated £40,000 and purchased 100 Kevlar body armor plates.

A lot of our teammates volunteer for different causes and also fight in the ranks of the Ukrainian cyber army. For instance, our engineers worked on the projects to help gather information on Russia’s war crimes.

Moreover, N-iX supported the Tax Pay Forward initiative and paid taxes for ₴3,427,655 UAH in advance. We have to support our country as much as we can, so our team keeps providing financial, humanitarian, and logistical aid for the army and Ukrainians suffering from this war. 

We at N-iX believe in justice, freedom, and the spirit of the Ukrainian people. And when this unthinkable war is over, we will come out stronger as a world community, as a country, and as a team. 

Glory to Ukraine!

Everyone can help Ukraine wherever you are. Here is the guide with links.