Meet the Orbus Software team at N-iX

Our partner, Orbus Software is a global provider of software and services that helps huge enterprises manage their business transformation. 

Headquarters: UK, London
Industry: Computer Software
Main technologies: .NET, JavaScript.

10 facts about Orbus Software teams at N-iX:

  1. Partnership: We started a partnership with Orbus Software in 2014 providing primarily QA services. 
  2. Projects: Since that time, the partnership has evolved. Currently, there are several Orbus Software teams at N-iX including iServer, iServer 365, consultancy, support, BI, website, solutions hub, as well as a tech writer and DevOps;
  3. Products: Our team is working on 2 main products – iServer and iServer 365. The work includes mainly software development, testing, support, and consulting. 
  4. Team: We’ve got a large and friendly team: around 60 professionals work on Orbus Software projects at N-iX.
  5. Processes: The working processes are based on the SAFe framework, so they are highly systematic and clear. 
  6. Communication: Open and direct communication is one of the key attributes of this partnership. 
  7. Client: The client is open and shares their vision and roadmap with us, so we always know what to expect.
  8. Growth: Everyone always has support – no matter how they want to grow – horizontally or vertically. There are many cases of switching competence from manual to automation QA, from testing to development, etc. 
  9. Knowledge-sharing: The teams actively practice knowledge exchange. Depending on the expertise (software development, QA, etc.), we have regular meetings to discuss tech questions and share knowledge;
  10. Collaboration: Even though Lviv is far away from London, there is good integration between both teams. 

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