Haifa, Israel
Cloud Solutions
Partnership period:
August 2021 - Present
Java, Scala, Kotlin, React, Vue, Angular, microservices

About the client: a global container shipping company

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is a market leader with decades of experience in the container shipping business operating worldwide.The company provides seaborne transportation and logistics services covering the world’s major trade routes. Recently, the company launched a successful IPO and is now a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.


About the solution: developing a logistics software 

Together with our partner, we are working on the company’s R&D project – a cloud-based logistics application for container tracking and supply chain management (SCM). Our team is developing new product functionality – containers’ monitoring, load sizes optimization, delivery routes planning, and many more. This app helps take full control of transportation, speed up delivery, and cut costs.


Why this project?

  1. Saving the ocean for dolphins!

We’ll make you fall in love with the logistics domain! Our partner is not only the leader in container shipping worldwide but also a responsible business that protects ocean habitats and underwater life. Sea shipping can be harmful to marine animals. So to reduce the threat, ZIM avoids chemical spills into the sea, slows their fleets in areas inhabited by endangered species, supports underwater noise-reduction activities, strictly manages ballast water, and many more.

  1. Growth

The project is at its initial stage at N-iX, so there are a lot of growth opportunities. We’re building a team of skilled senior engineers who work on expanding the functionality of the ZIM application. There are hot openings on the project – apply and let’s grow together!

  1. Technologies

The project has a wide tech stack – Java, Kotlin, Scala, React, Angular and microservices. We are working on the new product features following Test Driven Development and XP programming approaches.

  1. Impact

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything the company does. They aim to reduce fleet emissions and fuel consumption to minimize the negative impact on the ocean and its habitants. Also, the company puts much effort into social initiatives – for example, they supported India by shipping medical supplies for almost no charge at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Team

You’ll work hand-in-hand with a strong international team from Israel, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Macedonia and Ukraine. Also, you’ll take part in growing the N-iX team on this project.

  1. Interesting domain

Nowadays, when people order more goods online than ever, shipping services are in high demand. Our solution helps optimize the shipping process, save considerable costs and deliver orders even faster. Try your hand at the digitalization of the transportation industry!

  1. Team about the project

“All the engineers here are highly-skilled and experienced. It’s a pleasure to work with such professionals. What I like the most about the project is the focus on new functionality development and test-driven approach,” says Mykola, Java Engineer at N-iX.