Interactive Charity Project “FISHKOGRAI”: leveraging innovative gamification

The interactive charity project “FISHKOGRAI” launched by FISHKA, a loyalty program initiated by the leading fuel retailer OKKO, and developed in partnership with N-iX, a global software solutions and engineering services company, aims to collect UAH 30 million for the Unbroken rehabilitation center. The center focuses on prosthetics and rehabilitation for Ukrainian defenders and civilians who lost their limbs as a result of hostilities.

Leveraging innovative gamification, the engineering teams of FISHKA & N-iX turned the donation process into an interactive game: 

Participation is open to everyone making a purchase within the OKKO network. Users can visit the dedicated “FISHKOGRAI” page within the Fishka mobile application, shake their phones, and enjoy an authentic melody by Ukrainian composer Vasyl Ivasyuk. 

“We are grateful to everyone who has already joined our charitable project and contributed to the Unbroken rehabilitation center. Thanks to the compassion of our clients, in just a month and a half since the project’s launch, we have covered 50% of the required amount. Ahead of us is another UAH 15 million, but I am confident that we will handle it quickly. After all, many people are relying on our assistance,
– Comments Olga Semchuk, Head of the FISHKA Loyalty Program.

Users are invited to guess the title of the composition. For each attempt, Fishka transfers donations to the Unbroken Rehabilitation Center. If the answer is correct, the donation amount ranges from 3 to 1000 hryvnias (the amount is randomly generated); if incorrect, the charitable transfer is 1 hryvnia.

Sviatoslav Kavetskyi, Director of Industry Affairs at N-iX, adds:
We are proud to be a partner of this charity project as it aligns with our mission to make a positive impact through technology and innovation. This interactive charity is a prime example of fruitful cooperation for the better.

About N-iX: 

N-iX is a global IT company founded in Lviv in 2002. The company unites over 2,000 specialists and provides software development services and expertise in cloud solutions, data engineering, embedded systems, Internet of Things, machine learning, and other innovative technologies. N-iX clients are global market leaders and Fortune 500 companies from various industries – finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, retail, and others.

About OKKO and Fishka:

OKKO, part of the Galnaftogaz company, leads a comprehensive network that includes the sale of goods through shops at filling stations, wholesale and retail petroleum product sales, and services encompassing fuel quality testing, petroleum product storage, and transportation.

Fishka, a loyalty program launched by OKKO, unites more than 25 partners and 8 million customers who make benefits of their everyday purchases with the Fishka card.