Meet the Finance team at N-iX!

Businesses run on money, and it should always be managed wisely and effectively. At N-iX, it is in the good and professional hands of our Finance department.

Meet N-iX team that knows the ins and outs of N-iX finances, solves taxation issues and ensures all the payments.

5 questions for the team

1. What does the Finance department do?

Our team makes sure the company’s finances are managed effectively. We have several units that deal with all kinds of financial issues – from day to day operations to strategic planning:

  • PE Accounting: register private entrepreneurs and assist them in cooperation with the tax authorities so that everyone pays taxes properly and on time.
  • UA Accounting: ensure that all Ukrainian N-iX entities pay taxes and have crystal clear accounting and reporting.
  • Treasury: control that all the payments from clients are regular and timely like clockwork.
  • Billing & Payroll: together with Delivery Managers, perform calculations to send proper invoices to the clients and make payments for our specialists.
  • Finance Business Partnership: prepare forecasting, ​budgeting, managerial reports, financial KPIs and OKRs everything to make the right financial decisions.
  • Corporate Financial Reporting: make financial reports and solve taxation issues in Ukraine and abroad.

2. How many people work in the department?

28 people in the whole department: 24 in Lviv, 3 in Kyiv, and 1 in Kharkiv.

3. What is the most challenging part of your work?

As a Finance department with many units, we deal with multiple legal issues. We should be sensitive and adaptive to each amendment in the legislation and stick to strict deadlines in reporting to state regulatory authorities. Also, we are carefully watching profitability and timely cash flows of each unit and company wide.  That’s why we should always have our fingers on the pulse and learn constantly.

4. How do you collaborate with other N-iX units?

We work closely with almost all N-iX departments and get more than 650 Jira tickets a month! Moreover, we cooperate with external stakeholders such as the Tax Service, social funds, and the Department of Statistics.

5. Most memorable team building so far?

We are all team players, so spending time together is important for us. Sometimes we arrange different team activities inside each unit. For example, we had a great bowling team party in February 2021.

We have various career opportunities — both for delivery and non-delivery directions. One of them might be a perfect fit for you!