Meet the Talent Acquisition team at N-iX!

Do you know what is the most challenging job on the IT market right now? That’s right – Recruitment! Hundreds of messages to dozens of candidates every week – and you need to have the most convincing offer. Hundreds of companies with thousands of open positions – and you need to stand out among the competition. Sounds boiling hot!

And still, N-iX Talent Acquisition team rocks this booming market and finds dozens of great people to join us every month. We are growing fast – now there are more than 1,700 specialists at the company – and they are the best of the best. So meet our Talent Acquisition department! This wouldn’t be possible without them.

1. What does the Talent Acquisition department do?

Our department is responsible for finding the best people for all open positions at N-iX. We have:

  • multiple teams of recruiters and talent sourcers working under the guidance of experienced recruitment leads;
  • a Talent Acquisition CoE with a Competence Lead who takes care of the learning and development of the department and an Analyst working with lots of recruitment data;
  • a Talent Acquisition Program Manager responsible for N-iX Referral Program, cooperation with the agencies and applicants.

2. How many people work in the department?

For today, there are 70 people in our teams located all across Ukraine.

3. What is the most challenging part of your work?

The IT market is booming, so our main task in such conditions is to attract the best talents. Recruiters are the first touchpoint of the candidate with the company. And we can’t fail such an important mission!😉

4. The recent biggest achievement of the team?

Our biggest achievement is the N-iX growth. Recently, the company has reached a significant milestone of 1,700 specialists. For sure, it wouldn’t be possible without our efficient cooperation with different departments across the company. 

We have a few more things to be proud of this year:

  • The Talent Acquisition team has grown from 30 to 70 people! Kudos to our team leads who engage and mentor new talents. 
  • We’ve improved the N-iX Referral program – as a result, the referrals are processed even faster, and the process is easy and clear.
  • We’re building a new Sourcing function within our department.

5. How do you collaborate with other N-iX units?

We collaborate with almost every unit at N-iX, as together, we aim to create the best possible opportunities for the experts. 

We get requests from Delivery Managers and Heads of other departments about specialists they need for their teams. Also, we closely work with Marketing, HR, IT Department, Finance and Engagement departments.

6. What is the most memorable team building so far?

This summer, each team in the Talent Acquisition department went to the N-iX Mountain Residence for the team building. It was the best team building ever! Also, we partied hard at the N-iX Reunion Company Day.

7. What are the growth opportunities in the Talent Acquisition department?

We provide our recruitment experts with multiple opportunities to learn and grow – internal studying, the Mentorship program and the Competence Matrix. Join us and let’s grow together! 🙂

Our recruiters are looking forward to talking with you – choose among a lot of great vacancies on our career website and apply!