Top 6 projects for Python developers at N-iX

How do engineers grow? They always take on new challenges and never settle for boring projects. We at N-iX know that and choose all our projects with great care. 

So if you are a Python engineer, and you want to grow your skills and do things that matter,  check out our top 6 Python projects with dozens of career development opportunities:

1. Leading threat intelligence company

Make the digital world safer working with the leading cybersecurity company!

Our partner is the leading cybersecurity company operating worldwide. It collects, analyzes, and processes the threat data to help companies stay one step ahead of the security threat. Their platform provides actionable insights so users can take advantage of cybersecurity information depending on their needs. Thousands of organizations are able to detect threats faster, take action and protect their assets with the help of these tools.

The N-iX team is working on the integration of the data platform with various third-party products. 

Client location: USA

Technologies: Python, Scala, Java, React, Typescript, MongoDB, GraphQL, Elasticsearch.

2. American financial technology company

Develop fraud prevention systems and get exclusive experience working with the world’s leading fintech!

Our partner is a fast-scaling fintech company that provides users with microloans to buy items online. The company’s goal is to provide a quick, transparent, and more inclusive lending alternative to credit cards. Their system makes a credit check, analyzing tons of user data from phone numbers to social media profiles to give out loans safely. The company grew from an innovative fintech startup to a publicly traded company that established partnerships with Walmart, Shopify, and other popular e-commerce platforms.

Together with the client, we are working on several solutions:

  • designing and implementing the solutions for the fraud management systems that help gauge financial responsibility, manage and investigate fraud cases. 
  • ensuring the smooth process of user identification and verification.
  • transferring the data from external providers to our system to analyze a user.

Client location: USA

Technologies: Python, .NET, Kotlin, SQL, AWS, Flask, Snowflake, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Redshift

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3. Farmer’s Fridge

Develop software to change the food industry and help people eat healthy! 

Farmer’s Fridge owns a growing network of 400+ automated smart fridges that serve healthy handcrafted meals and snacks. Our client’s mission is to change the food system and make it simple for everyone to eat well. They follow a data-driven approach to provide a personalized experience for each customer. Our teams at N-iX are working on the web application and the CRM development for the food delivery unit, developing software for the smart fridges and building a data platform.

Client location: USA

Technologies: Python, AWS, DynamoDB, Java, Golang, React. 

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4. Clinical trial quality management platform

Work on sophisticated algorithms to identify, visualize and manage clinical trial risks. 

The company is the leading provider of solutions for risk-based studies such as clinical trials. Their cloud-based algorithms analyze clinical and operational data to identify outliers and anomalies. It helps facilitate early risk detection and achieve more accurate study outcomes.

The N-iX team is working with the client’s team on sophisticated algorithms to identify, visualize and manage clinical trial risks. 

Client location: Belgium

Technologies: Python, Flask, Pyramid, Angular, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure, Cypress. 

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5. Red Points

Build the world’s first copyright protection software. 

We work with the world’s first brand intelligence platform providing online brand protection, copyright enforcement, and distribution monitoring. Red Points’ innovative software includes detection bots, increased automation with machine learning, image recognition, and fingerprinting – all in one place to protect the company’s products, content, and identity. Our partner boasts a portfolio of almost 1,000 customers.

Together with the client, we are working on automated monitoring and detection of copyright infringement.

Client location: Spain

Technologies: Python, Docker, Bamboo, Memcached, Selenium, microservices.

6. Discovery Limited

Ever worked with a client from South Africa? – We’ve got projects for you across the globe!  

Discovery Limited is a global financial services group that serves over 5M clients across the globe. The company specializes in life, car, and home insurance, wellness programs, investments, medical aid, and credit card products. It has more than 25 years of experience and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the largest stock exchange in Africa.

Our team at N-iX has been working with the client on migrating on-premises Kubernetes services to AWS. Apart from cloud migration services, our specialists are also involved in developing a new solution – Discovery Miles.

Client location: South Africa

Technologies: Python, NodeJS, Java, AWS, MongoDB, Bitbucket, Oracle, RabbitMQ, OpenShift.


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