Meet N-iX team building solutions for Canadian fintech innovator

Our partner is a financial service company and Canada’s fastest growing online brokerage.

    • Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
    • Industry: Financial Services
    • Main technologies: React Native, Angular, .NET, NodeJS

8 facts about the team

1. About the client:

While being a rapidly developing brokerage firm, it is transforming the Canadian financial services industry, providing a viable alternative to traditional financial investment options. With 50,000+ accounts opened every year, the company offers such products and services as securities, foreign currency investment, online wealth management, and online banking as a new service.

2. Partnership period:

We started working with the client in April 2020. In the beginning, there were two small teams of software and QA engineers working on the company’s main apps.

3. Project growth:

Just in a year, N-iX team reached 50+ people building different products. And it keeps growing fast. Today we have 20+ exciting opportunities for IT specialists on this project!

4. Products we are working on:

We started with building two mobile apps for investors and advanced traders, which provide access to the client’s core products. Soon the cooperation evolved into new projects a trading web application, new banking products, and more. Also, the team developed a new test automation framework and two feature-rich mortgage calculators, as well as contributed to the infrastructure modernization.

5. Distanced but together:

The teams were formed during a global switch to remote work. Still, they have regular team buildings, informal meetings with the client’s teams, and a very friendly spirit. Now, we have experts from all over Ukraine on the team Lviv, Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Odessa, and other cities.

6. Team-client relationship:

Communication with the client is smooth and easy they are open to new ideas and respect our specialists’ opinion. For instance, N-iX experts have the freedom to choose technologies. Also, the processes are well-organized, and the atmosphere is friendly.

7. Domain:

If you are interested in trading and fintech, this project is a perfect match for you! The client provides a series of lectures about trading for better understanding of how it works. As a cherry on top, the specialists have favorable conditions for trading on the platform.

8. Impact:

Our partner is transforming the Canadian financial sector. The company is trusted by hundreds of thousands of Canadians as it provides them with better and more affordable ways to become financially successful.

As the project is growing, new career opportunities appear every day. One of them might be a perfect fit for you!