Meet N-iX team developing solutions for the US fintech company

Our partner is an American financial technology company that provides users with microloans to buy items online. The company’s goal is to provide a quick, transparent, and more inclusive lending alternative to credit cards. They grew from an innovative fintech startup to a publicly traded company that established partnerships with Walmart, Shopify, and other popular e-commerce platforms.

    • Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
    • Industry: Financial Technology
    • Main technologies: Python, .NET, Kotlin, SQL, AWS, Flask, Snowflake, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Redshift

7 facts about the team

1. About the client:

Our client is a fast-scaling company that transforms the banking system in the USA and allows people to buy now and pay later. The system makes a credit check, analyzing tons of user data from phone numbers to social media profiles to give out loans safely.

2. Solutions we are working on:

Together with the client, we are working on several solutions:

  • designing and implementing the solutions for the fraud systems that help gauge financial responsibility, manage and investigate fraud cases. 
  • ensuring the smooth process of user identification and verification.
  • transferring the data from external providers to our system to analyze a user.

3. Technologies:

The project offers a wide range of modern technologies and interesting tasks that help you grow. 

  • Architecture: Microservices, Cloud Native
  • Programming languages: Python, .NET, Kotlin, SQL
  • Technologies: Flask, Snowflake, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Redshift, AWS

4. Team structure:

Five teams of experienced engineers are working on the project.

5. Work approach:

Our partner is a cutting-edge company from San Francisco with an excellent engineering culture. We are focused on product quality, so we create our solutions at a balanced pace without rush and strict deadlines. As the project has a broad technology stack, specialists can choose technologies they’re interested in.

6. Impact:

Together with our client, we are working on solutions that help people afford things they’ve dreamt about. From the beginning of the quarantine, online shopping has increased in popularity, and with our partner’s solutions, it became even easier and smoother. Also, our client cooperates with big retailers on the market, so it feels great to be a part of the product that improves so many consumers’ lives. 

7. Growth opportunities:

The spirit and culture of the Californian tech company give valuable experience for professional growth. Our team consists of experienced specialists who are always ready to share their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, if you’re interested in fintech, this project is a perfect opportunity to gain experience in this domain.

As the project is growing, new career opportunities appear every day. One of them might be a perfect fit for you!