Meet the Schibsted team at N-iX!

Our partner Schibsted is an international media group operating in 30 countries with the main focus on Norway and Sweden. 

  • Headquarters: Oslo, Norway
  • Industry: Media & Entertainment
  • Main technologies: PHP, Node.js, React.js, iOS, Android, AWS, Kubernetes, and more.

10 facts about the Schibsted team at N-iX

  1. Partnership: N-iX started working with Schibsted Media Group in February 2015.
  2. Products: Schibsted provides multiple media services – from newspapers and multimedia content to online classified marketplaces and media houses. The news mostly cover Nordic businesses, oil and energy, aquaculture and fishing, shipbuilding, shipping, and marine industry. Currently N-iX team mostly focuses on and other related products. E24 is the largest online newspaper for economy and business in Norway.
  3. Opportunities: Here N-iXers can try different roles and master new technologies. As the team works on several products, there are wide-ranging tasks that motivate our specialists to learn something new. For instance, Yuriy grew from a HTML/CSS specialist to a front-end engineer and then learned back-end technologies.
  4. Technologies: On this project, you can learn PHP, JavaScript, DevOps, work with AWS and Kubernetes, and other modern technologies. 
  5. Team: We’ve got an extremely friendly and supportive team that celebrates all the small and big victories, birthdays, maternity leaves, and is always ready to help out.
  6. Knowledge-sharing culture: We practice regular learning sessions together with our client’s team in Norway. Every month, one expert gives a tech talk on the topic he or she knows and shares the knowledge and experience. 
  7. Relationship: The client is always open to our suggestions and listens to our advice. Overall, the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Before the lockdown, business trips and real-life team-buildings were a usual thing. 
  8. Client’s feedback: Steven Chilver, Product Manager at Schibsted Media Group, says, ‘The N-iX team is brilliant at what they do. It’s very well organized, very efficient, very quick to respond to any requests and it really does feel like we are a part of the same team and not in different countries, which is actually the truth.’ Check out this video for the full review:
  9. Agile approach: We helped our client adopt Agile and introduced long term Agile planning, improved visibility and transparency of product development, established a continuous improvement process, and more.
  10. Recognition: In May 2015,, one of the websites developed by the N-iX team, was nominated for Norway’s best niche site of the year award.

schibsted team

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