UCU scholarship initiative: How N-iXers help students’ dreams come true

Here at N-iX, we aim to support and empower the next generation of the Ukrainian tech professionals. We sponsor a number of social projects within the N-iX Charity Fund made of regular donations by N-iXers and the company itself. Our most recent initiative is raising money for the scholarships for the talented UCU Computer Science Program applicants. We are inspired to help gifted teens receive a decent education in one of the best universities in Ukraine. 

Several students have already got the scholarships. Who are these young people and how the program changed their lives? Let’s find out. 

Andrii Shkredko  

1st-year student, IT and Business Analytics

At school, I was interested in various scientific disciplines, such as applied mathematics, quantum physics, and many others. But I had a hard time choosing a particular university and course. Everything changed when I visited the UCU’s Open Day, spoke to the faculty, and found out about the curriculum and the learning process. On that day, I found my dream university. Unfortunately, my family couldn’t afford it. So I’m very thankful to N-iXers for such a great opportunity and making my dream come true. I promise that I will put all my effort to prove that this investment is well deserved.  

scholarchip initiative UCU students

Oleksandr Pryhoda

Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science

My time at the Ukrainian Catholic University has been full of incredible events, interesting people, and unforgettable moments. It gave me plenty of opportunities to develop myself. For instance, during my 4th year, I had a chance to work remotely in the research group on data science and bioinformatics at the University of Tartu, Estonia. 

I can say for sure that UCU changed my life for the better and gave me the best education I could get in my country. 

I would like to express my gratitude to N-iX for financial support and a chance to study at a wonderful university with wonderful people. I genuinely hope that my achievements meet my supporters’ expectations. 

Iryna Zakharchenko

3rd-year student, Computer Science

As mathematics and physics were my favorite subjects at school, I wanted to continue studying scientific disciplines in Ukraine. When I heard about Computer Science at the Ukrainian Catholic University, I realized it was the best option for me. Now, I’m sure it was the right decision. 

The UCU community and environment are incredible. Only the most ambitious and motivated students study here, and the professors are always here to help and give feedback. 

Also, UCU provides many opportunities for international exchange programs. I’ve been lucky to do an internship at the Czech Technical University in Prague and gain unique knowledge and experience.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to study at this university. For me, a scholarship from N-iX became a great motivation. I feel responsible not only for myself but also for the people who believed in me and contributed to my education. It inspires me to study harder and reach new heights. 

Maryan Dubey

1st-year student, Computer Science

I knew that I wanted to be a software engineer since the 8th grade. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the Ukrainian Catholic University, its community, lecturers, and education level. I know that young people want to study here not just to get a diploma but to gain knowledge. Also, I can see lecturers’ passion for their subjects as they go beyond the program. They are deeply interested in sharing their knowledge and growing highly qualified specialists.

Thanks to the financial support from the N-iX team, I got the chance to study in UCU and become a part of its community. I am really grateful for this. It motivates me to work hard and continue to develop myself. 

scholarchip initiative UCU students